Over 30 years a modern day nomad 

Hi and Kia ora

I'm Sydney – or Syd. (It's not my real name but its what my friends call me and what I like!)

So who am I?

I'm what I call a modern day nomad. I've been moving around the world for over 30 years - most of it as a single mum with three kids. (You can check out where I have been here.) For me change is a constant - changing countries, jobs, day to day life. However, there are constants in my life - my love for seeing and hearing the stories of people and places around the world, my love for hiking, ocean, river and lake swimming, seeing animals in their natural habitat, and of course, my three girls!

To cut a long story short, I left NZ when I turned 22 back in 1983 with the sum total in the world of a one-way ticket to Alice Springs in Australia’s outback and $50 cash – no bank account, no savings, and definitely no credit card.

That $50 lasted me a bit over three years, working, hiking, and travelling through the Northern Territory of Australia, South East Asia, to Taiwan, Japan and China (which had just opened its doors, and given my penchant for hiking and mountains, meant I was the first white person many Chinese ever saw), and to the UK, Canada, Hawaii and Fiji, before I returned to NZ – theoretically to settle down and get a career happening!

It didn't really work out. Since then I have had another failed attempt at settling down, a failed relationship or two, three daughters, a career of sorts, and I have simply kept moving with the girls in tow – me plus three. I am not rich like some may think – no trust fund, no independent wealth, not even child support. Its just been a priority for me and became a way of life for the four of us.

I’ve worked traditional jobs – just moving around doing it (no such thing as the internet back then let alone blogging)! As a single working mum, my kids have had traditional schooling in various parts of 10 countries between them, and between times not schooled in over 30 more. I have lived and traveled in over 50 countries and will, I imagine, keep moving until my body no longer allows it.

As for this site – wherever I go I end up answering questions about how I have managed to live like this, how it has been for the kids, where am I going to settle (yes people do ask even after more than 30 years), how can they (the person questioning me) do it too, along with a myriad of detailed questions about places to go, how to earn money on the road, how to save to go, how to travel for a year with kids, how to change countries and schools with kids, and how to do all sorts of other related things.

Now I’m writing it for anyone that cares to read it – and loving doing that. It’s all new and I will build up the posts as quickly as I can. I have already had a few people contact me and talked to them on skype to help get them on the road or on a big life-change (it’s not always about travel) – it doesn’t take long and sometimes you just need a little bit of help to get past the problems you see. Hopefully I will do that for you – whatever your adventure! Contact me on 2sydneyz@gmail.com - I will reply as soon as I can. We can talk on skype for a small fee (still feeding the family) or just sign up below for newsletters with tips and tricks for budget travel, great places to go, and extra tips and info for people travelling with kids and for the over 50s! Not too frequent and no spam content guaranteed!

You can read a bit more below the form as well.

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I would love a dollar for every time someone said 'I'd love to live like you,' or, 'how do you do it,' or 'I wish I could travel like you,' then I could retire and, well, travel the world!! 
Ok - not really! But what I thrive on is to inspire and motivate, to be the catalyst for someone else to go for their goal or dream and make it a reality, and to help them find ways to do that. I get a kick out of seeing people get from 'I wish I could' to 'OMG I'm doing it.' I thrive on change and on being a catalyst for you to make change in your life - be that to your lifestyle, your career, going travelling, or taking the plunge and moving to another country.

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Sydney the Nomad

I realized (it took a while) that I am what I call a 'modern day nomad.' No home in one place to return to, but rather I move on to the next 'home' be that in the next city or next country. I might last a few weeks or months or a couple of years in that place, but since leaving NZ at 22 I have been moving from one place to another for over 30 years. My promise to her three girls was that they could have the last four years of high school in one place. It happened for the first two, but four years in one place is a long time for a nomad, so I am ever grateful to daughter three for saying "Mum lets go somewhere else for my last two years." Yah! So right now we are half way through living in Sydney, Australia for a couple of years. Then its off to....

 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Sydney Outdoors

My favorite pass-times are hiking, watching amazing animals in their wild habitat, and swimming in the ocean, a river or a lake. More than anything, I love to do these things with my girls! Its going to be a strange life without them. You will probably find a lot of posts about animals and finding them in the wild as I keep writing - I cant help myself  - and zoos simply don't do it for me!


 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Sydney the Mum

I have three great kids who have coped with me as a mum and my need to move (a lot). They have moved around the world with me, going to school and making friends in various places in 10 different countries between them, and travelling between times in over 30 others. As for all mums - I simply wouldn't be without them.  You can read more about moving around with your kids in the blog!