MYTH Number 1 Busted! I'm too old to change my life.

Yeah right!

Thats a kiwi line - it's the equivalent of “sure you are” when you mean ‘you’re definitely not’ or what a lot of rubbish!

This is an excuse in the vast majority of cases - there may be some situations when you can no longer do a certain thing, e.g.  when an occupation has an age limit to joining or if you do not meet the physical criteria (e.g. I am not allowed to fly commercial planes due to my eyes) but age is no real barrier to change.

You have probably all seen these examples - but here’s a reminder! 

Vera Wang - started designing wedding dresses at 40 after missing out a couple of times at the top role - first missing on getting into the Olympic skating team and later missing on becoming Editor in chief at Vogue.

Susan Boyle - was 47 when she entered Britain’s Got Talent - the rest is history.

Sam Walton - opened the first WalMart when he was 44.

Colonel Sanders got serious about his chicken only after he had reached the age of 60 - Kentucky Fried Chicken is the legacy of that.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was 65 when Little House on the Prairie was published.

Dame Judie Dench was known on the stage in England, but didn’t become a worldwide name until she played M in the James Bond film GoldenEye at age 61

But here are two of my favourites - nobody famous at all - but in both cases, somebody unbelievably inspiring making a massive change at the tender age of 102:

It’s never too late!