Long time - no see & Getting started on your adventure

Hi all

It’s been a long time and no content - a long long time. I have moved twice and am now an ‘empty nester’ with my baby being 18 and off on her own adventures like the other two. I have trained as a coach while still contracting as a Project Director and now I have stopped working in that field. I have been so lucky to have managed to make new friends - particularly one that is now sailing around the world, and so far, I and other crew have been on the journey on his yacht from Sydney Australia to Reunion Island (which is where I am sitting writing this post) and next heading to South Africa.

This post has got to be about getting going - no matter what. As I said, I have trained as a coach in the time I have been absent - it seemed like I was naturally being drawn to people that wanted support or a ‘coach’ to work with in clarifying and making decisions on their adventure - be that travel or finding their passion and their next steps in their life etc. - so I decided to make it formal. Tadaaaa - I’m now a qualified coach!

But my own struggle was ‘how do I manage the two things I love writing and blogging about?’
Being, of course, my long term nomadic lifestyle and the travel and adventure that goes with it, and, coaching people to make the most of their adventure and their life journey - which in no way has to include moving around or even travelling - but which I find so exciting.

Today I just opened up this site I had started years ago - and said to myself - enough is enough - I’m just going to do it. This site needs fixing and changing and I will do that as and when I can (given there is no internet when we are at sea and life is busy when on shore), but it’s where I am starting and I’m just going to make it happen.

This is the key - you have probably heard it all before - but the best way to make things happen is to just start. Don’t worry if its not perfect or not even very great. Just start. Then fix and tweak and improve as you go. That is way better than sitting trying to come up with something perfect. This site isn’t perfect (feedback welcome) but its a start and I will fix and tweak and improve it - especially as my readership grows.

If you have an idea of what you would really like to be doing or think you want to do - then the best advice you can get is ‘just start.’

If you want a community that will help you then I have set that up on Facebook so please join the myadventurecoach group.

Here we go……