Countries I have lived in or visited are:

Australasia / Pacific

New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu


Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, China, India, Nepal, Singapore, The Philippines, The Maldives

The Americas

Canada, USA, Bermuda, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Chile, Argentina


Egypt, South Africa


Greece, Malta, Spain, UK, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, 
Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Denmark, Poland, 
Hungary, Vatican City

Places not a country in their own right - yet!

Scotland, Wales, Canary Islands, Cocos Keeling islands, Christmas Island, Hawaii, Lapland

Countries the girls have schooled in

NZ, Australia, England, Ireland, Spain, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Austria, Scotland