With great energy, enthusiasm and sensitivity Sydney guided me towards turning
wishes ,vague ideas and dreams into real, achievable goals.
With her practical techniques and guidance I feel confident to make decisions that
will get me closer to the wonderful plans I now have.
— Greta, Melbourne 48
Sydney’s goal is to help people see their own potential , embrace opportunities and feel positive about the future. I highly recommend Sydney as your coach.
— Inge, Melbourne 50
In my first week in Australia I met Sydney in a hostel. She was the funny Kiwi who had just been living in Costa Rica. Her stories were entertaining and inspiring, and her joy contagious. However, I felt that her life was one of luck and one I could admire but never achieve for myself.
Spending time with her over the next 2 weeks opened doors and opportunities for me. With her I learned that I had constricted views of what I should and could achieve in life. She made me question if my ‘shoulds’ fit with my wants and if my ‘coulds’ were limited by the beliefs I was holding.
Over the next 3 months so much changed for me. Instead of surviving life I was beginning to live it.

When I would ask why? She would explain why not.
When I told her I couldn’t, she told me YES I could.
When I said it would never work, she said try and say YES to anything, you might fail but I am sure you would have a great story to tell if you do.
When I told her I didn’t want to try something new because I would look stupid or be judged, she said smile and have fun. What do you have to lose?... a bad experience can be better than none at all.

Thanks to her my working holiday in Australia turned out to last a year, not 6 months, and I left Australia with friends I made on the road and went to travel 3 months in Asia with them as well.
At the end of all that I was afraid to return home lose the momentum, courage and joy I found on that trip. This is where Sydney made me write my first bucket list. I kept that bucket list and regular contact via email and Skype with Sydney, this is how I have come to make many changes in my life because Sydney helps me see and interact with the world differently. I now make choices that make me happy and manifest the experiences and opportunities I want for myself.

As I check off the items, more get added, because , what do I have to lose? So far I only have lots of good stories.
— Samantha, 28, Montreal