Believe anyway.
Your Adventure Awaits Within

Welcome to Adventure Coaching, where your internal journey becomes the grandest adventure of all.

If you've ever felt overshadowed by past failures, haunted by insecurities, or paralyzed by doubt, you're not alone.

Many successful individuals, just like you, grapple with these very feelings, often hesitating at the threshold of their potential, signing up for courses only to leave them unfinished, or stepping back from challenges.


But there's good news: God has placed more within you than you've yet discovered.

Through our unique framework—Explore, Elevate, Enlightenment, Engagement, Enrichment - we guide you on an introspective journey, firmly rooted in Christian principles.

Together, we evaluate the uncertainty you are feeling and figure out where we can transform your weaknesses into strengths.

If you sense there's more in your tank and yearn for a breakthrough, take the first step with us. Dive deep, rise higher, and embrace the adventure within.

Are you ready?

Praise for Dave Mitchell ...

In 3 months I have been able to overcome troubling attitudes about myself, authority, and my work which I have carried for 20 plus years.

Tom Nulle
Lead Evangelist at
Madison Church of Christ

I just completed a business coaching program with Dave Mitchell. It was FANTASTIC, to say the least.
Dave has a great way of inspiring & encouraging people with his upbeat personality. But even more, he has a rock solid coaching program that is sure to help people in their leadership roles for both business and personal life. I am grateful for the time I was able to work with Dave. He helped me to recognize thinking patterns that did not serve me well and replace them with the a growth mindset.
I highly recommend coaching with Dave.

Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer Photography

 What is Coaching?  


Believe Anyway - You Have Courage Within

At Believe Anyway Coaching, we seek to help you cultivate an attitude of hope, bravery and optimism in daily life.

We help clients identify areas where self-doubt may be causing you to feel stuck or unfulfilled. Then we create a plan to move forward with faith in yourself. Whether it's taking on a new challenge, pursuing a passion outside your comfort zone, or trying something new, our coaches will support you every step of the way.

Believe that you have limitless potential for growth and excitement. Have confidence that with resilience and determination, you can navigate any obstacle or uncertainty. Approach each new experience with curiosity and know that even failures contain lessons to help you flourish.

Trust that you have the inner resources and courage to handle whatever comes your way. Let go of perfectionism. Progress and learning is what matters most. Keep taking courageous steps forward and know that you have the power to create positive change.

Though life is unpredictable, believe anyway in your ability to achieve high performance, find meaning, and live with purpose. By embracing an attitude of hope and bravery, you open yourself to a life filled with adventure, joy, and fulfillment.

Client voices ...

Dave has been my high-performance coach since December 2020. The timing was perfect as I am in the middle of major life changes and needed support in exploring the way forward. Dave was thoughtful, provocative, and asked penetrating questions to help me get in touch with my 'better' self. His coaching has helped me become more confident, decisive and gain momentum in mastering my mind-not an easy task for any of us! As part of the coaching process, I was also part of the Magdaline Team -- a group of professional forward-looking and dynamic women who are striving to balance life as professionals, mothers, wives, sisters, aunties, friends, God lovers, daughters, etc. We share experiences and build friendships. Dave provides us inspiration and guidance in the group that aids in our aspirations to develop and be our best. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a great coach. Malinda Wheeler, Executive Director, HOPE worldwide Kenya.

Malinda Wheeler
Executive Director
HOPE Worldwide Kenya

Looking to take my leadership to another level, I approached Dave in a coaching engagement. I was reevaluating the way I approached complex and high pressure situations. The impact of Dave's coaching resulted in my ability to assess situations from other vantage points and further draw the best out of people. An additional benefit has been an acceleration in my team's performance. I highly recommend Dave Mitchell Coaching for any person seeking career leadership growth.

Anthony Toguchi
Global Marketing Executive

I'm Dave Mitchell

I'm passionate about helping my clients break through their self-imposed limits and find that deep, spiritual connection with their own personal passions and values.  Together we discover how their individual actions create a positive effect on their loved ones and the world around them.

I bring my experience of coaching others and my training in several methods and ideas that help each client thrive.

 Your Coaching Journey
starts now 

I set aside a few openings on my calendar each week to talk with those ready and willing to take the first step toward their Adventurous Life. 

Allow me the honor to help you unleash your inner adventurer and achieve the levels of high performance that you've dreamed of.

Click on the button below to see my updated calendar, and select a date and time that is most convenient for you.  Together we will have a private conversation about living that Adventurous Life.

I look forward to talking with you.

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What Makes a Great Coach?


What Clients Say...

Coaching with Dave and the joyful life has given me hope that joy is still attainable.

The energy leadership concept has helped me see clearly that I have been living in a victim mentality and I will only attain joy once a I move up scale. I realize that joy is not a feeling of being happy it is a way of thinking without judgement.

I am in my journey to joy.

- Dr. Sanguinetti

David is a superb coach and mentor for me in both my personal and business life.

He has been instrumental in helping me create breakthroughs for my business. He was able to sort through the mindset roadblocks I had from prior business ventures, and helped me create a crystallized vision for my new business.

I highly recommend David to any high level executive looking to breakthrough anything from the past that could be holding them back to true success both in their business and family life.

- Leo Landaverde
CEO & Turnaround Specialist

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