Testimonials for Dave Mitchell and Adventure Coaching

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I had been searching for someone who would commit to coaching me without judging my character — and that was Dave.

These past 3 months with Dave have changed my life.

I think differently, I’m happier, I’m not judging, I’m disciplined, I’m taking responsibility, I’m not surrendering to limiting beliefs, and most importantly, I’m past the hurdles that have crippled my life. I’m not bound by what was done to me anymore and I’m not wasting time. I’m taking my dreams into my hands.

Today I finished my screenplay and I’m moving onto pre-production. That was a pipe dream 4 months ago because I COULD NOT just sit and write.

Got a dream? You can’t put a price on what Dave will help you do.

- Daniel Kennedy
Founder at Orion Studios and Kennedy Test Prep

A Conversation with Horacio Piccininno 

Being coached by Dave has changed my life and my outlook on life dramatically.

I can truly say that I feel that I do things with a purpose now without loosing out on my core values. I understand why I do what I do and what’s happening if things are not going well with a clear view of how to change it. I am much happier and content in life.

Ultimately it is God and the Bible that has done that but he has definitely used Dave to guide and shape what I do. In the short term there has been a dramatic change that my whole family has noticed although

I believe in the long run extraordinary things will happen that many more will experience due to my relationship with Dave through his coaching.

- Philip Walters
Business Owner

Dave Mitchell Coaching has been a Godsend for me.

I have always had big dreams, but also realized that I was not growing to my potential, with so many of my dreams and goals going unrealized. Dave’s coaching has really unblocked a lot of the things that have held me back from growing and changing. His insight has helped me deal with deep-rooted insecurities.

He has helped me learn to say “No” to things I should say “No” to, and “Yes” to things I should say “Yes” to. Dave’s coaching has helped me as a husband and father, as a disciple of Jesus, but also professionally.

I have a long way to go, but for the first time I am confident that I will be more than just a dreamer, but that I am on the road to becoming the man I want to be and the man that God has designed me to be.

- Tom Hughes

Coaching with Dave and the joyful life has given me hope that joy is still attainable.

The energy leadership concept has helped me see clearly that I have been living in a victim mentality and I will only attain joy once a I move up scale. I realize that joy is not a feeling of being happy it is a way of thinking without judgement.

I am in my journey to joy.

- Dr. Sanguinetti

A Conversation with Christopher Charon

David is a superb coach and mentor for me in both my personal and business life.

He has been instrumental in helping me create breakthroughs for my business. He was able to sort through the mindset roadblocks I had from prior business ventures, and helped me create a crystallized vision for my new business.

I highly recommend David to any high level executive looking to breakthrough anything from the past that could be holding them back to true success both in their business and family life.

- Leo Landaverde
CEO & Turnaround Specialist

Working with Dave has been incredibly beneficial to me in my work as a pastor, communicator and teacher.

His thoughtful and non-judgmental approach in our sessions has helped me to approach the situations in my life and work with a fresh perspective, and to find solutions in a new way.

As someone who spends my time helping others, it has been great to have someone else in my life to help me.

I highly recommend Dave’s coaching to anyone trying to find healthier ways of dealing with life and work!

- Jay Minor
Pastor at Turning Point LA Christian Church

Dave Mitchell's presentation is filled with great insight, humor, and inspiration.

He posses a unique ability to use humor real-life experiences and Biblical insights to engage his listeners on a fantastic journey. His humility is contagious while his incredible accomplishments enable all to find hope in God and basic principles found in the Bible and healthy one another relationship.

Dave offers a unique look at everyday challenges with a healthy perspective on how to see real change.

- Chip Mitchell
Lead Evangelist
Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ

Dave Mitchell has years of experience as an evangelist, deacon, HOPE Worldwide chapter leader, and now life coach.

He also had a successful career in the corporate world. This background makes him uniquely qualified to understand and motivate with warmth and relatability. His own determination to be always learning and growing is infectious. He brings to his presentations passion and promise.

He is making the difference in the lives of many.

- Larry Craig
Elder, New York City Church of Christ

We invited Dave in to do a leadership workshop with 130 of our service leaders from around the US, Australia and Canada.

This was a group with various levels of leadership skills and experience, and Dave did a phenomenal job. His presentation was very interactive and lively, and it kept the enthusiastic attention of the group throughout. His training points were excellent – he was able to communicate important aspects of leadership and made them understandable and applicable to the very diverse crowd… Our participants are already implementing what they learned during the workshop.

Dave has also provided some excellent coaching to me, which has greatly impacted my approach to leadership and strategy.

I cannot recommend Dave highly enough, and we will definitely be bringing him back for more.

- Terri Loso
National Director
US Chapters at HOPE Worldwide

At the ‘half-time’ stage of my life, I was not satisfied with my career and felt that I had not lived to life’s full potential. I had tried to change on my own but always fell back to where I started. I realized I needed professional help, and Dave was the game changer.

I have known Dave before he became a professional life coach. He is a man of integrity and passionate about helping people. He has lead and inspired many volunteers in humanitarian work. When he walks into a room, you can feel the positive energy oozing out of him. Life coach is the perfect profession for him because of who he is and not just the training he has received.

Prior to getting coaching from Dave I often felt stressed and discouraged. There were dreams to pursue but there were strong mind blocks that held me back from pursuing them. Apathy would set in, and I started to lose connection with others and self. The world was full of obstacles, and I didn’t know how to overcome them.

After getting life coaching from Dave, I felt empowered, inspired, equipped, renewed, and have progressed week after week. I felt like Dave untied the rope that had held me back most of my life. He helped me overcome the thought patterns that were negatively impacting me. The tools I learned from him are simple, powerful and effective.

I am now able to move forward and not feel stuck. The world is now full of possibilities and opportunities. If you feel you are not living your life to the fullest like I was. I highly recommend you contact Dave.

- Jim Hwang
Demand Planning Manager at Bayer HealthCare

I worked with Dave in one of the toughest moments of my life… when I lost my job.

Working with Dave was the best gift/investment I ever gave myself. It’s not like I wasn’t aware of my weaknesses, pitfalls, strengths, etc. but I didn’t know what to do with the knowledge of them. Dave helped me to identify and work through some of the root causes of my thoughts and habits.

My self-awareness increased and I would catch myself in my usual thoughts/stresses. Instead of feeling bound or unable to act, I could identify the options before me and make conscious decisions on whether to let the thoughts/feelings rule me or take charge.

I learned how to take charge and stop feeling like a victim of circumstances and how to take responsibility of my choices and actions.

Work with Dave, you’ll be in for a challenging but life altering experience.

- Christine Gakuya
Quality Assurance Specialist

I just completed a business coaching program with Dave Mitchell. It was FANTASTIC, to say the least.

Dave has a great way of inspiring & encouraging people with his upbeat personality. But even more, he has a rock solid coaching program that is sure to help people in their leadership roles for both business and personal life. I am grateful for the time I was able to work with Dave. He helped me to recognize thinking patterns that did not serve me well and replace them with the a growth mindset.

I highly recommend coaching with Dave.

Lisa Fisher

So this was my train of thought.

“I am doing pretty well on my own, I don’t need a coach.” And that was my initial thought when the idea of a professional coach/mentor was presented to me.
In August 2021 I met Dave Mitchell.

Shortly after we met, he began to coach me and helped me navigate through several different areas of my life. All in a way I had never explored on my own. As a result, I became a more efficient individual in such areas; in business, in my emotional state, my spiritual growth, and even in my physical goals. His strengths and experience allowed me to see his talent as a professional as well as an inspirational coach.

Prior to meeting Dave, I had written down a few business and personal goals to achieve by mid 2022, and a couple more to be done by 2025. We started meeting in September 2021, and a couple of months later (November), I had achieved enough goals to have pushed me into mid 2024. I am certain that I could not have achieved these without Dave’s guidance and his proficient coaching.

In all, this is not only a recommendation, but also a testimony of the effectiveness he had in my life as a coach.

With Dave as a coach, I felt listened to, valued, and definitely received honest feedback. And it certainly wasn’t the usual "You are great” or “you’re awesome,” he provided true, honest,
non-judgmental feedback. Always allowing me to work on my blind spots without me feeling demoralized or discouraged, but rather empowered to dissolve any fears, beliefs, and behaviors that have limited me in the past.

Thank you, Dave!

William Mojica

Dave has been my high-performance coach since December 2020.

The timing was perfect as I am in the middle of major life changes and needed support in exploring the way forward. Dave was thoughtful, provocative, and asked penetrating questions to help me get in touch with my 'better' self.

His coaching has helped me become more confident, decisive and gain momentum in mastering my mind-not an easy task for any of us! As part of the coaching process, I was also part of the Magdaline Team -- a group of professional forward-looking and dynamic women who are striving to balance life as professionals, mothers, wives, sisters, aunties, friends, God lovers, daughters, etc. We share experiences and build friendships.

Dave provides us inspiration and guidance in the group that aids in our aspirations to develop and be our best. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a great coach.

Malinda Wheeler
Executive Director, HOPE worldwide Kenya.